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Alan Pett – 1984 Harefield Stoneware Brid Dish

Many thanks to Isabel who bought this from Alan – “Alan had a small pottery in Harefield Middlesex which we stumbled across by accident. This was the early 1980’s. Over the course of a few years he made us bowls, mugs, jugs, goblets, vases, plantars and plates, all shapes and sizes. We have used all these items over the years but since retiring and having to wash items and also downsize they are gradually being sold. It was a lovely small pottery by the side of the river and we would visit approx monthly and collect the items Alan had made and order the next lot. He would show us items he had made ( one offs) but at the same time he was a very quiet person. We only found out recently about his connection with Briglin and his move to Tain”


Date 1984

Width 235mm