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Bitossi / Aldo Londi brids

Nothing at all to do with Briglin. I bought these to show how animals can be made with fun, style and verve.

These two hens just shout Bitossi and the 70’s with their glossy orange glaze and flippant decoration. I hope they date to the mid 70’s although I’m no expert in Bitossi. Certainly that period and I doubt later than mid 80’s perhaps late 60’s? Someone may help with a date?

The orange is a lesser colour than the rich gooey blue that usually announces Bitossi pieces ( “Rimini blue”  ). Big, bright and stylish, they would look good on any mantle piece, a far cry from the timid, malformed (sometimes deformed!) pieces Briglin made at times. Bitossi also produced some really stylish birds on stands that look interesting.

Height 200mm

Update: Jerry kindly sent me this link to Mark Hill’s website which has some fantastic photos of the Graham Cooley exhibition of Italian 50’s ceramics.