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Briglin Pottery arsenic mug

These are a fun set of mugs, bottles and containers for the kitchen. I have my doubts if a factory could produce these now, some EU official would have a fit. They are fun and an early example of Briglin Pottery. Someone wrote this on eBay;

“One of the infamous, “Name Your Poison” range of mugs created in the early sixties – so consistent with the pop culture of the day. Six mugs named, Arsenic, Cocaine, Cyanide, Heroin, Morphine and Strychnine. Later the idea was taken up and reproduced in thousands by Staffordshire potteries and Hornsea but Briglin were the originators.”

Not sure this is correct? Source?

I have also have also seen storage jars with, Hemlock, Opium, Marijuana, Prussic Acid, I’m sure there are others. All white clay and all early.

In the book there is also a photo with Mescaline and Laudanum! Mescaline is a naturally occurring psychedelic alkaloid and Laudanum is a mixture of Alcohol and Opium!

Highly collectable.

Height 150mm