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Briglin Pottery coffee set fern

A full set again, x6 coffee cans, x6 saucers, milk jug, sugar bowl, coffee pot and lid. A ‘standard’ set in Fern pattern a prosaic design, very common. Produced and sold in large numbers probably in the 80’s. This one looks hardly used. It has the small coffee cans which I prefer as it makes them more usable. The pot holds two pints, which will fill the six cups – I checked. Again the lid to the pot is a bit lose and not a great fit. The pot does not pour well and it’s top heavy.

You’ll need both hands – one for the handle and one to hold the lid on. But they are usable, you will just need to be careful.

…and remember ……it would look VERY stylish on your kitchen shelf. These set currently sell for relatively little on Ebay (this one was approx £30). So if you have one then use it, just don’t put it in the dishwasher as it may not survive.

(Just looking at the photos and it strikes me how rushed some of the throwing is, the coffee pot looks out of shape, and the cans obviously look rushed. They did not hang about when they made these. The pot does taper in at the top slightly, it’s very crude and not pleasing)

Cans: Height 75mm, Pot: Height 210mm including lid