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Briglin Pottery large sailboat plate

Big late decorative plate. Unusual as pictorial or representative items are rare from Briglin and I have not seen another. To describe it; shallow 250mm plate (dinner plate style) in red clay with white under glaze beneath. The body of the plate looks down upon a painted shoeless man relaxing in a small wooden sail boat without a sail riding a azure sea. In the background is a Cornish or Mediterranean seaside town on the edge of a small island. The sea is of dark blues but mostly greens the sky is a deep blue. A lighthouse rests on the edge of the harbor below the houses of the town. The glazes and decoration are quite crude, the brushwork is hurried but you could say effective.

A strange plate. It came from ebay. I’m happy that it is genuine. Successful, I’m not so sure, but it still very interesting. It is similar in style to both the Tony Barson and Fred Miller items in the book (AA page 20). This one has a couple of tiny rim imperfections on the back of the plate under the glaze. Date? Late 70’s would be my guess perhaps 1980.

Width 250mm