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Briglin Pottery twist goblets

I still use these two goblets all the time. They sit nicely in the hand and are not top heavy. The shape is simple but pleasing. Probably Late 70’s

Height 100mm

28.04.01 The final image is the Briglin Goblets photographed with x2 goblets dated 1974

28.04.2011 I was reading that wine glasses should have the following attributes:

1) Glass to see the colour of the wine.

2) A thin rim to allow the wine to be sipped.

3) A bowl to allow the wine to be swirled, releasing the aroma for smelling.

4) A stem to hold the glass and stop your hand warming the wine

5) And a foot to allow it to stand.

White wine glasses are normally taller and red wine glasses are more squat with a larger bowl.