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”CELTIC POTTERY – Maggi Fisher Newlyn, Cornwall”

I’m no Celtic Pottery expert, but Celtic Pottery Newlyn Cornwall has many parallels with Briglin Pottery; Both produced a variety of patterns and sold a lot of ceramics at  similar period. The vast majority of  Celtic is also somewhat prosaic  in quality 🙁  in a similar way to much of the mass produced Briglin if you get my meaning. They churned this stuff out in the later days.

However this tray is a Maggi Fisher piece and interesting. it still has it label which helps a lot. I paid way too much for it, but I liked it and to me that is as good a reason as any to part with an extra tenner. I will post my other Celtic sometime but it’s not as nice as this piece. Celtic is a little more provincial than Briglin. Whereas Briglin aimed for the ‘modern’ look in post war Britain, Celtic Pottery was definitely ‘Tourist-ware’.

This tray is surprisingly light, fragile even timid. It looks heavier but it’s delicate and thin, it’s a shock when you pick it up. It’s ‘dirty’ decoration has a lot of depth and it looks like a rag or sponge has been used to overlay some of the darker colours. You can see that the design has been drawn first, scribed even, then the black oxide and the various layers of colour and texture built up. The Folk Pattern Griffin(?) has the early metallic look.

Pic 3 shows that the brown base finish was applied under the sticky bottom as it extends further, meaning the stickyness was applied for some reason.

Date 1970? (guess?)

Size 260 x 190mm