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Chelsea pottery dishes

Chelsea Pottery was active in London at very much the same time as Briglin Pottery – from 1952-1997. Chelsea was successful and their glazed earthenware sold well in America. Chelsea made decorative commercial pottery very much like Briglin. Many pieces are signed by the artist who decorated them with a monogram on the front. Collectors like signed items as it is possible to collect specific potters work.

These three dishes are of;

Chelsea Owl Dish

Chelsea JM Dish

Chelsea Green Dish.

Many of the patterns were repeated from standard templates or designs so it is not uncommon to find similar items. See Studio Pottery link below for another Owl. Typically the domestic wares (or ‘tourist wares’) are decorated with flowers, cats, dogs, owls, faces etc but they also produced collectable animal money boxes, golfers, judges and fishermen ranges and which still sell very well on the internet. The best pieces do command high prices but overall I think Chelsea is good value, but do go for one of the good names, not the junk.