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Kenneth Clark green tile

Now, I’m happier about this one as it matches some attributed to Ken on the internet.



150mm x 150mm

Kenneth Clark tiles, reactive glazes

Thanks to Robmcroie for sharing his collection to help others.

“The great Kenneth Clark (1922-2012) has just died. He was a tireless designer, teacher and experimenter. The tiles, dated 1972 and 1976, use reactive glazes that bubble up in the ‘fat lava’ style of the time. Rather hard to photograph, but the reaction has produced and subtle and tactile finish, under perfect technical control. Kenneth Clark has written ‘sample’ on the back of the right hand tile. For more information on this great man, there’s an obituary in the Times, and/or see Chris Blanchett’s 20th Century British Decorative Tiles book, or indeed Clark’s own books on ceramics and tile making.” By robmcrorie on  flickr

 Kenneth Clark obituary – Kenneth Inman Carr Clark, ceramicist, born 31 July 1922; died 10 June 2012