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Briglin Pottery kitty bank cat

I originally thought that this was a ‘Parkinson’ kitty as he is unmarked. However he’s from earthenware not porcelain, white earthenware.  When the little cat turned up with the blue spot of glaze it confirmed it for me. I would say he’s of late 50’s probably done at the same time as the Parking figures – the decoration is simply too familiar. Note there are some of these about with BRIGLIN stamp – White clay but generally black striped not blue. The blue is the same as the early tea sets and penguins.

They seem to have much of the ‘Tom & Jerry’ look about them (the cartoon originally produced by Fred Quimby starting in 1940). This one is not signed or stamped. It sits well in the hand and has a good ‘feel’. This one is well crazed which reflects its age, he is a bit squiffy eyed but still very charming. He has a slot in the back for coins. In an unusual pale blue color that is not normal for Briglin items. The colour is from the cobalt oxide which was also used on the Arsenic mugs etc. Parkinson objects have become very collectable in recent years as they have a distinctive style all of their own.

This is the link to the 1955 ‘Feline Groovy’ album with ’24 purrfect tracts for kool kats’ – Every pun intended. I love the black cat playing the bongos and all the tracks are cat related . 1955 from ACE Records.

20.10.2009 – A cat has been sold on ebay that looks very much like the one on Studio Pottery website. Both apparently are stamped and the ebay one looked good to me, a far as you can tell from the photos. Link is here; Studio Pottery Briglin Kittybank, so this does make me think that my Kitty-bank might be a Parkinson kitty?

12.12.2015 – Note changed – definitely Briglin not Parkinson

Height 190mm – Width 90mm