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Briglin Pottery miniature (Ph1)

These five miniatures all came from Phil on Ebay. I never resent being outbid online as long as the piece sells for a good price. The only time I get upset or annoyed on ebay is when an item I wanted sells for a lowly price, perhaps for £3 and I should have bid, then, I feel bad. There is nothing wrong in being outbid when an item goes for top dollar, everybody has to set limits and stick to them and you can’t buy everything. So these were not cheap but I think it was worth it to keep them together.

Thanks Phil, got any more? Numbered Ph1 to Ph5

All are red clay, all unmarked. Not a clue on the date, 1980? 1975? The first one is the same shape as a previous Miniature  but later in date.

Height 40mm