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SALEROOM – Orrefors 1950s/60s Nils Landberg Sommerso Grey Cased Glass Dusk Vases

For Sale x5 Genuine vintage Orrefors cased glass art glass.

More photos on request. All are in very good shape however the axehead 1203 has some very minor internal scratches. Otherwise just usual base marks from 50 odd years. I am happy if you wish to collect from London and avoid postage.

REF: 1201
Height 150mm
Orrefors NU 8538/5
£85.50 + £12.98 p&p

REF: 1202
Height 130mm
Orrefors NU 8538/4

REF 1203
Height 210mm
Orrefors NU 8538/1
£87.50 + £12.98 p&p

REF: 1204
Height 295mm
Orrefors NU 8538/3
£145.50 + £12.98 p&p

REF: 1205
Height 215mm
Orrefors N 3575/138