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Rye Pottery – Galaxy bowl

A lovely mid C20th shallow bowl by RYE Pottery. Probably a fruit bowl.  ‘Galaxy’ pattern and stamped in blue ink

“Made in Rye Pottery England”

It has three small impressed ‘D’ marks  two are partial and one clear. I know ‘P’ impressed would be Pam Goddard’s throwing mark and from the 20th Century forum the stamp dates from 1957 to 1971.  Adrian emailed me:

“DDD stands for Dennis Townsend (David Sharp is represented by just a single impressed D).  Dennis left Rye to set up the Iden Pottery in 1959 so the bowl is earlier than you state.”

Many thanks Adrian

Date? So pre 1959 then. Lovely strong dish.

RYE is much like Briglin, very similar periods and it can be very hit or miss, but at it’s best it’s vibrant and the decoration and texture are top notch.   It takes a lot for me to call ceramics ‘pretty’ but the pink and green early RYE is very pretty indeed.

220mm wide

C20th forum link