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WADE tiles by Rhys & Jean Powell / H&R Johnson

BIG mistake buying these as I’m desperate to take them out of their packaging. They are wrapped in their original plastic.

Should I open them?

I’ve posted them as they are older than they look. These packages come up on ebay from time to time. Obviously people fell in love with them,  bought them but never got around to using them in the kitchen or bathroom. They made two sets, one for the kitchen and one the bathroom, this is the bathroom set.

Robmcrorie on flickr has an amazing collection of tile that I highly recommend you browse through if you are interested in the subject as his photos are excellent. He dates these to the late 60’s and states that

Designed by Rhys and Jean Powell for Wade; by the time this set was produced Wade were owned by H&R Johnson, and although the packaging bears the Wade name, it is also branded as H&R Johnson ‘Cristal’.


Each 100x100mm